Are Online Abortion Pills Safe?

Health & Safety Your health & safety are of utmost importance. That’s why we believe it’s vital for you to know exactly what is in the pills you may be putting in your body. The abortion pills that are sold online often bypass important FDA safeguards, designed to protect women’s health. This means that the pills could be ineffective or even a dangerous substance. Some websites also claim to give instructions on how women can induce their own abortions. Attempting a DIY abortion can be extremely dangerous for women. What Are my Options Then? Find a medical facility that can educate...

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Ectopic Pregnancy?

What Is An Ectopic Pregnancy? An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a pregnancy is growing in the wrong place—most commonly in the fallopian tube—but can also be outside the uterus in the abdomen. It can be life-threatening if the fallopian tube ruptures and bleeding begins. This can cause infection and result in a medical emergency. Ectopic pregnancies happen in fewer than 200,000 women per year (or 2% of pregnancies yearly). 1   Signs & Symptoms Sides effects of an ectopic pregnancy include pelvic pain (usually on one side of the abdomen), lower back pain that continues to worsen, low...

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Unplanned Pregnancy?

We’re here to help! We understand that you may have lots of different feelings right now: scared, excited, numb… Whether you’re contemplating carrying, aborting, or adopting, there are a few initial steps that every woman should complete. Whether you’ve taken an at-home pregnancy test or not, it’s important to get a pregnancy medically verified. Any OB or abortion clinic will require this type of pregnancy test. We offer free medical grade pregnancy tests here at the PRC. We know pregnancy tests are important, but what’s the big deal about ultrasounds? It’s helpful to discern the viability...

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How Do I Know If I’m Ready for Sex?

We’ve been dating for a while…does that make me ready for sex? I met a cute guy the other night, we’re both fine with casual sex, and I’m on birth control…does that make me ready for sex? My partner and I have talked about sex already…does that make me ready for sex? What makes someone ready for sex? Is it different for each person? What if a couple can’t agree on the right time to start having sex? There are 4 important questions for people to ask themselves before having sex. 1. Do I know my significant other’s sexual history? It’s important to know if he has STI’s, because that means it...

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Do I need an Ultrasound to Get an Abortion?

Whether you have an ultrasound at a Pregnancy Resource Center or an abortion clinic, it’s a necessity in a pre-abortion screening. There are 3 important reasons to have an ultrasound. 1. The most important reason to have an ultrasound is to determine if a pregnancy is viable. Licensed medical staff are trained to complete an ultrasound in order to observe if it will likely progress as a healthy pregnancy. Many don’t realize that over 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, which makes an abortion unnecessary. 2. An ultrasound is also necessary to date the pregnancy, determining which abortion...

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What’s the abortion pill?

What’s the abortion pill? How do I get it?How does it work?Will it harm me?Are online abortion pills safe?What if I change my mind?How does it work? The abortion pill (also known as Mifeprex, TM mifepristone, RU-486) is usually taken up to 10 weeks gestation. Abortion pills are usually administered at an abortion clinic. Most clinics have patients take the first pill at the clinic, which causes the embryo’s death. Two or three days later, the woman will take the second pill, which causes cramping to expel the baby. On average, between days 7-14, patients are supposed to follow up at the...

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