What’s a girl to do when seeing that unexpected positive pregnancy…

We understand that you may have lots of different feelings after seeing that unplanned pregnancy: scared, excited, numb…

Whether you’re contemplating carrying, aborting, or adopting, there are a few initial steps that every woman should complete.

  1. Whether you’ve taken an at-home pregnancy test or not, it’s important to get a pregnancy medically verified. Any OB or abortion clinic will require this type of pregnancy test. We offer free medical grade pregnancy tests here at the PRC.
  1. We know pregnancy tests are important, but what’s the big deal about ultrasounds? It’s helpful to discern the viability of the baby. 
    • For those contemplating an abortion, receiving an ultrasound is a helpful first step, to decipher if the pregnancy is progressing or miscarrying. It would also determine what type of abortion the abortion clinic might recommend. 
    • For those wanting to carry, an ultrasound is a great way to find out your dating and possibly get those ultrasound pictures! 
    • The PRC offers free ultrasounds, so ask us about getting one when you make your appointment.
  1. Are you wanting to parent, but unsure where to even start? We got you, girl! The PRC offers a free parenting program. This means that individuals or couples can complete parenting classes at home on their phones. The awesome part about it?? Completing a class gives expecting parents opportunities to pick out baby items in the PRC’s Baby Boutique. The parenting program also offers one-on-one support with a client advocate throughout the whole pregnancy and until the baby is 15 months old. 
  1. Did you decide to get an abortion? Has it affected you in ways you didn’t expect? We’re here to walk you through your healing process. Give us a call to schedule a time to meet with a client advocate who has counseled many other post-abortive women, as well as their partners.

The PRC is here for you every step of the way when facing that unplanned pregnancy. 🙂 Schedule your appointment today!

Since more than 90% of women come to have regrets after making an abortion decision, the PRC removes itself from the process of referring an abortion or specific clinics. However, we do provide information that may help you in screening an abortion clinic, to make sure it is operating correctly within North Carolina laws.