Health & Safety

Your health & safety are of utmost importance. That’s why we believe it’s vital for you to know exactly what is in the pills you may be putting in your body.

The abortion pills that are sold online often bypass important FDA safeguards, designed to protect women’s health. This means that the pills could be ineffective or even a dangerous substance. Some websites also claim to give instructions on how women can induce their own abortions. Attempting a DIY abortion can be extremely dangerous for women.

What Are my Options Then?

Find a medical facility that can educate you. If you find that the facility is not willing to answer all your questions, don’t settle for less than you deserve! You have the right to the following: talking to the doctor performing the abortion (or prescribing the abortion pill), receiving a full description of the procedure, knowing all the risks & side effects involved, seeing the ultrasound, knowing the staff’s credentials, changing your mind (even at the last minute), and being treated with dignity and respect.

If you have further questions or want a checklist of what to look for in a safe medical facility, give us a call at 704-983-2100. Many pregnancy resource centers will offer a free pregnancy test & ultrasound appointment, so women can receive abortion education.

Info from “Before You Decide” magazine and National Institute of Family & Life Advocates.